Philosophy, Politics and Law Programme

*Only offered on the Pietermaritzburg campus

How does the PPL work?

The PPL is a coordinated programme of study leading to a BA (Philosophy, Politics and Law) or a BSocSc (Philosophy, Politics and Law), based on the Oxford University PPE. You can major in one or more of the three disciplines, the rest of the programme being flexibly constructed out of the other disciplines and a number of elective courses.

Who is it for?

It is aimed especially at those considering a career in law or some form of management or public administration.

Why take the PPL?

The appearance of ''Philosophy'' in the name of your degree is a sign to employers that you are capable of clear, critical and independent thought, and have well-developed problem-solving skills - all of which are crucial in today's market place. Together with ''Politics'' and ''Law'' the degree is a sign that you know not only

  • How to think,
  • But also what to think
  • As well as knowing the rules of the game.

Rules for the programme

To qualify for a BA or BSocSc (Philosophy, Politics and Law), you must:

  • Complete at least 128 credit points (8 semester courses) in one of the 3 disciplines, 64 of those points (4 courses) being at level 300.
  • Complete at least 64 credit points in another of the 3 disciplines, at least 32 of those at level 300.
  • Complete at least 32 credit points in the third discipline.
  • Complete Philosophy 203 - Ways of Reasoning.
  • Complete Philosophy 305 - Philosophy and Society - if you major in either Philosophy or Politics.
  • Complete Jurisprudence (LAWS3JP P2) if you major in Legal Studies.
  • Fulfill the requirements of a major for whichever of the 3 disciplines you opt for.
  • Fulfill the general requirements of a BA or BSocSc degre

Enquiries and Contact Details:

Heidi Matisonn (Programme Director)
Heidi Tel: +27 (33) 260 5565
Fax: +27 (33) 260 6337
Pietermaritzburg Campus (New Arts Building, Room 301)

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